Wire springs

A complete range of springs.

Contact and coil springs

KERN-LIEBERS –Your specialist for precious metal coated springs for optimum contact and conductivity.


  • Wire diameter: From 0.03 mm
  • Smallest cross section: 0.04 mm x 2 mm
  • Spring diameter: From 0.18 mm


  • Spring body: Cylindrical, conical, barrel or waist-shaped, special shapes
  • Spring ends: Flattened, drawn in, openly wound, special shapes


  • Optimum contact and conductivity with the following surfaces:
    Ni, Cu, Ag, Au, passivation (organic and metallic)

Special features

  • Adhesion testing of surfaces (e.g. temper test)
  • Resistance measurements
  • 100% length check possible with sorting and adjustment at the machines
    for compression springs
  • 100% force and geometry check possible with sorting and adjustment
    at the machines for tension springs
  • Free position check of legs by laser, sensor, camera


  • wire diameter 0.1 to 2.0 mm
  • further dimensions according to your requirements



  • made of a wide range of alloys
  • laser welded
  • standard coild springs
  • canted coil springs


Surface treatment

  • uncoated, gilded, silvered, tinned
  • others



  • mechanical plug connections
  • electrical plug connections
  • electrommagnetic shielding (EMC)
  • supporting elements for plastic seals


Product group: Contact and coil springs