Plastic composite parts

Componentsthat meet the highest demands.

Plastic composite parts

KERN-LIEBERS offers a large variety of sophisticated plastic composite and hybrid parts

For the production of hybrid components, we can draw on our extensive experience in the manufacturing of metal components and plastic injection assembliies. 

  • Injection Weight: 1-300 g
  • Clamping Force: 60-3500 kN

Plastic Material:

  • Standard thermoplastics (ABS, PC,PP,PPE)
  • Engineering thermoplastics (PA, PBT, POM)
  • High-temperature thermoplastics (PEEK, PEI, PPS)
  • Elastomers (AEM, EPDM, HNBR, NBR +LSR)

Special Features


  • Single and multiple component injection molding
  • Hot runner + cold runner technology
  • Insert +outsert technology
  • Horizontal + vertical round plate technology
  • Vx feed technology
  • Assembly stations for complete assemblies
  • Process data acquisition including internal tool pressure measurement
  • Inline test methods and packaging



  • ABS control units, diesel injection pumps, kinematics systems, coolant pumps, motor control units, switching valve systems, locking systems, sensors


Product group: Plastic composite parts